Fortify your business’s defenses and never worry about cyberattacks again

When it comes to network and data security, small businesses are breached every day because they either have insufficient or non-existent security measures in place, making them easy targets. Hackers have become more sophisticated, and data breaches of all sizes have increased year after year.

With Stratus Tech’s Cybersecurity solutions, we’ll protect your business with multiple layers of security so all your applications run optimally and your data is secure at all times. With automated patch updates, anti-malware, and threat detection tools, you’ll no longer be disrupted by nefarious cyberattacks that can lead to costly data breaches and downtime.

Businesses trust us to manage their cybersecurity for good reasons:

  • Better data security and business continuity management
  • Improved customers’ stakeholders’ confidence
  • Improved company credentials and reputation
  • Faster recovery times in the event of a breach

What’s included in our Cybersecurity services

Advanced Anti-Malware

Installation, configuration, and support to ensure you’re safe from cyberthreats of all kind

Network Security Management

Round-the-clock router, switch, firewall, and wireless network monitoring to keep online attacks out

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive assessments to ensure your defenses are fully resilient to cyberattacks

User Awareness Training

Tailored cybersecurity training programs and simulation to ensure your staff become your first line of defense


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Cloud Solutions

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Data Backup and Recovery

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Managed IT Services

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