Frequently Asked Questions

Stratus Technology Partners works with companies of all sizes. Our clients range from established enterprises to new startups. We tailor all our approach to your business and growth. Our goal is to grow with your business and we share your wins!

All companies are different and have their own challenges. At Stratus Technology Partners, we do a four-step evaluation to understand your goals and tailor IT solutions to meet your business needs.

Ready or not, digital transformation is here. Organizations that embrace it can quickly breathe new life into business processes, products, employees and customers. Those that don’t will quickly find themselves obsolete. At Stratus Technology Partners, we help businesses meet their ever-changing customers’ demands and adapt to a new, agile way of doing business — and to ultimately succeed in the connected future.

We are in an era of digital revolution, where competitive advantage depends on maximizing the enterprise digital infrastructure and business applications to glean faster insights from data leading to real-time decisions. Every organization is becoming a software company, whether they know it or not. But those that recognize it and are digitally transforming themselves to embrace multi-cloud, advanced analytics, IoT, and the power of AI and machine learning to derive insight from that data are the ones that will be here tomorrow.